Winnie Trailer & Jennifer Hudson New Song Bleed For Love


Jennifer Hudson plays Winnie Mandela in the biopic, “Winnie”. The film also co-stars Terence Howard as the iconic Nelson Mandela. The movie was made over two years ago and it will be in theaters this Friday. Of course, this movie has controversy surrounding it. The film was made without consulting with Winnie Mandela. Here is Minnie’s direct quote. “I have absolutely nothing against Jennifer, but I have everything against the movie itself. I was not consulted. I am still alive, and I think that it is a total disrespect to come to South Africa, make a movie about my struggle, and call that movie some translation of a romantic life of Winnie Mandela.” Check out the trailer to the movie & listen to the song “Bleed For Love”, written by Diane Warren for the movie’s soundtrack.

Bleed for Love

Will you be seeing this movie this weekend? Do you think Winnie should be grateful a movie was done about her life, even though her input wasn’t given?

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    • Crystal Green Carleton
      September 8, 2013

      She has every right to be upset…how dare they not give her the respect…tdjakes tried it #shade


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