Usher Releases New Video: Good Kisser


Even though Usher has been busy being a judge on The Voice, the R&B singer is back with some new music! Usher has teased us with previews for the video, now its here. The new single is called “Good Kisser”. Usher’s untitled 8th album is coming soon. Check out the video.

Do you think Usher is a good kisser?

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6 Responses to Usher Releases New Video: Good Kisser

  1. vozvibrante says:
    A Remix totally Church Style. And letters to Usher. Enjoy!

  2. caramel says:

    too reminiscent of Al Green in the beginning..if you don’t believe me check out some old Al Green performances on youtube…all that smiling and facial expressions too similar for me.

  3. Monique says:

    Oh yeah!!!! Grown. Sexy. I dig it!

  4. No that was DOPE! Thanks for sharing!

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