The 2015 BET Awards Is This Sunday But Do You Care?

The 2015 BET Awards is this Sunday, however, there has not been much talk about the show. In the past I used to be so hype for the BET Awards, now I’m just like, whatever. There are only 6 confirmed performers for this 3 hour show. Ne-Yo, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, and the Empire cast are the only acts confirmed.


My social media accounts would light up about the BET Awards, now I only see messages or tweets with unconfirmed rumors about Janet Jackson being there. Well the rumor was she would receive the 2015 BET Lifetime Achievement Award. That is not the case because Smokey Robinson will rightfully receive that honor. What artists will be apart of his tribute? BET is sleeping when it comes to the hype surrounding its biggest award show of the year.

I have seen more commercials promoting the BET Experience than the actual BET Awards. I also find it so weird that only 1 of the Best Female or Male R&B/Pop nominees are confirmed to perform. We will all watch the show, just with less enthusiasm. Oh yea just in case you are wondering, Beyonce is not confirmed to perform in person or via Youtube video.

Who would you like to see performing at the 2015 BET Awards?

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