Solange Goes HAM Attacking Jay-Z In Elevator


TMZ obtained an exclusive video of Solange attacking Jay-Z. The attack happened in a elevator inside the Standard Hotel after the MET Gala last week in NYC. In another video by Splash Online, Solange exits the MET Gala looking very furious. Beyonce and Solange rides in the same car as Jay=Z leaves in a different vehicle. Checkout the video of Solange punching and kicking at Jay-Z.

Seeing how private the Knowles family is, I wonder who submitted this video to TMZ. Trust and believe there will be hell to pay for making Olivia Pope concoct a good story for Solange’s action. What do you guys think happened?


Jay Z PHYSICALLY ATTACKED by Beyonce’s Sister Solange

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18 Responses to Solange Goes HAM Attacking Jay-Z In Elevator

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jigga is a real man, this video goes to show that

  2. Truth says:

    Jay Z seems like he can be very indignant. I think Solange had a good reason to go off on him. I do agree with the Skorpion Show that something may have happened previously, Jay said something out the side of his mouth about the incident/situation, and Solange sprang into action!!! For some reason I DO get the idea that Jay is controlling of Beyonce. Glad Beyonce has Solo as a sister. Wonder how B would be if she married someone less controlling? We may never hear what happens because Beyonce probably won’t want it to get out, and if that is the case, then Solange will respect her wishes. I don’t think Jay beat her but I don’t doubt that he has gotten pretty rough with B. Just my thoughts.

  3. Intentions101 says:

    Jay-Z has a past of beating woman asses.. She better thank GOD, he a better man today. My issue, is when women think they can put theirs hand on a man… and when a men reacts by fucking her up.. Women want to act all innocent. Let Jay-z hit her back everyone would be going crazy…

  4. lovehandle13 says:

    His reaction shows me that maybe this is not the first time that Solange has done this. I also believe she may be a little bipolar or have manic tendencies. To be that angry with a man that you have no intimate contact with is a bit weird and for Jay-Z’s WIFE to stand back and do NOTHING is INEXCUSABLE.

  5. ChrisFresh says:

    Beyonce pulled a Cynthia move

  6. Quitta says:

    Wish i was a roach or a speaker in that elevator uuugh now they calling her bipolar yeah ok.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Check spelling before posting.

  8. Mrs. G says:

    For her to explode like that it had to be something bad, wow.

  9. Solange don’t play when it comes to her sister and she’s made that very clear. She went Porsha on his ass real quick LOL. SHAME!

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