New Music: Jazmine Sullivan “Dumb” ft Meek Mill


Jazmine Sullivan is ready to return to the music industry. After releasing her sophomore album, “Love Me Back”, back in 2010, Jazmine took to Twitter to announce she’s was leaving music. Jazmine vanished for a little bit. She still continued to write songs for other artists. That let me know eventually she’d be back. Well today, Jazmine has released her new single, “Dumb” ft. Meek Mill. Have a listen!

This song will eventually grow on me, but I wish it was just Jazmine by herself. She sang her face off though on this. Are you glad that Jazmine is back?

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7 Responses to New Music: Jazmine Sullivan “Dumb” ft Meek Mill

  1. Xmen says:

    I glad that she’s back. I miss her. It’s just sad all these other starlets get shine and they can’t sing or have the talent that Jazmine has. The music industry is really screwed up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wanna hear the song without meek mills but I’m super excited she’s back!!!

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