NeNe Leakes Instigated That Pillow Fight


The Real Housewives Of Atlanta overheated on tonight’s show. The only thing that
I care to discuss is about whole couples night party Nene decided to throw. The idea
was not a bad one, but I think NeNe put it together with cruel intentions in mind. Nene
came across as childish, tacky, drunk, and very messy. I don’t know how NeNe is gonna
win her cool points back with me after this episode.

So everybody shows up including Chuck & Mynique, & Chris & Natalie, to NeNe’s event minus
Kenya, who is late which we’ll get to later. NeNe named her event “How Well Do You Know Mate?”
#sideeye. So NeNe would have the guest pull card questions out to answer. The casts touched
on various topics. However, the questions were very tacky where I think NeNe wanted to get
some shit started, because you know how people act once alcohol is involved. RIIIIGHT!
NeNe puts Porsha on the spot about Kordell’s sexuality, Peter going to the strip club, how
to spice up your love life, etc.

Kenya arrives late with her friend Brandon. NeNe is not only rude to Kenya, she’s rude to
Brandon also. NeNe forgets that Kenya is her cast mate and not her mother and begins to
berate her for 40 days and 80 nights on why she is late. NeNe also is rude to Kenya about
she looks, calling her bitches, and invited her to leave. No she didn’t text you Nene but
who the fuck think that you really are? Right now you are a Ryan Murphy reject bitch. Your
light is quickly dimming. You might wanna eat some humble fucking NeNe. Bring it on down!

So NeNe noticed that her event wasn’t turned up enough, so she decided to put the heat on a
sparring match that happened between Kenya and Natalie on her marriage. Nene’s drunk ass
begins to bring up that Kenya as told by Chris that he is not married to Natalie. Since
they are speaking of relationships she thought the she might bring it up. “Let’s keep it
all the way real.” So Natalie confronts Chris about what was actually said to Kenya. Chris
decides that he wants to address Kenya. So declines to sit back down after Porsha suggests.
Chris and Kenya begin to trade insults. Then Natalie tells Kenya not to backpedal so Kenya
says “I’m front pedaling”, as she begins to walk to her. As she walks Chris touches her arm.
Which Kenya yells “Don’t touch me” and Kenya’s friend Brandon, jumps and tells Chris don’t
touch Kenya.

This begins to downhill from here! So Chris and Brandon starts arguing, Peter interjects
himself into the fight. Chris pushes Brandon and Brandon goes off. As Peter is pushing
Brandon away, Apollo gets up and pushes Brandon down to the ground. Apollo tries to hold
Brandon down which leads to them kicking and fighting. Let’s just say Apollo beats Brandon
ass for the gawds. LMFAO. All hell breaks loose. Shit is flying everywhere, people yelling
and screaming. It was a hot ass mess. After the commercial break we see NeNe going into a
different to confront Kenya.

NeNe says Kenya should have never got up out her seat to confront nobody. Fuck outta here
NeNe. As many times as you have confronted people and got in their face, you got some nerve.
I do think Kenya made a big fuss about Chris grabbing her over nothing. He was just trying
to prevent an altercation and she took it the wrong way. This whole thing escalated because
NeNe wanted to be messy during her event. There is a shade session behind all of NeNe’s
kindness these days. NeNe, bitch you got what you wanted and now you are trying to put the
blame on Kenya. Hell no! Number one you shouldn’t been that messy because the whole situation
has already been discussed. Number two, Apollo shouldn’t have been trying to handle Brandon
because his man has control of the situation. Number three, why didn’t nobody confront Nene
forstarting this whole mess??

Nene is not coming out this situation clean. I guess the Bravo producers told her she better
start her shit this season because she was becoming stale. NeNe forgot that while the women
may argue and throw shade, men will argue, throw shade, and if cooler heads don’t prevail, they
will come to blows. I’ll be watching next week to see how NeNe tries to place the blame on Kenya.
I wonder if Kandi is gonna threaten to drag Malorie or Cynthia. HMMMMM We’ll see.

Let me know what you thought about tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

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    • Anonymous
      February 12, 2014

      nene started the whole shit. I wished Kenya would stand up to her .Has anyone else noticed that Peter was holding down Kenyas assistant to let Apollo beat his ass. NeNe is a Big obnoxius bully, but she didn’t want to step to sheraa a couple of seasons ago, because she knew sheraa was going to put her foot in NeNes ass. Kenyas assistant should press charges on apollo and send his ass to jail, kids or not. I hope they take apollo off the show, and I hope that they bring someone on the show to stomp NeNes ass into the ground,

    • Barbara
      February 5, 2014

      I was taken aback by the behavior of the cast members of the show. Especially NeeNee I thought she had moved away from that type of behavior. I started watching the show when NeeNee and Kim got into on the bus, I guess I will end my watching with Née Née back to her ratchet self. I think I will find something better to watch on NatGeo Wild,,,

    • victoria
      February 2, 2014

      Nene didn’t blow up on the girls when they was late on the way to savannah , like she did with Kenya !! Ms Nene was dead wrong….what I think was lost in the editing was Nene, Natalie and Christopher had a plan to confront Kenya and that shit backfired on they asses. Speaking on Nene’s blog, her that terrible ass toupee had the nerve to talk about she don’t condone violence but tried to chokethe life out of Kim’s ass..smh !!

    • CiCi815
      January 30, 2014

      Love the blog! I agree completely that NeNe instigated that hot mess of a fight. First and foremost who has grown folks to a pajama jammy jam at damn near 50? If these couples needed therapy as she so states, shouldn’t they seek professional help and not the opinions of others who they don’t really like nor get along with? Maybe drunk was not all she was for her to be pacing and prancing back and forth like a caged lion when someone was late without calling (granted it was very rude for Kenya not to advise). She really tried it with those questions hoping to start conflict. When she didn’t get quite the negative reaction she had hoped for she decides to just go for the gusto and incite the mess between Christopher, his “wife” and Kenya. Side note, did y’all see the Sasha the Diva interview where Christopher said he was single just last year? Kenya just well may be actually right for once. Be that as it may, Kenya still should not have walked up on Natalie at all. You can say what you mean from well across the room without having to hop in someone’s face like she wanted to fight. Whether his intentions were to diffuse the situation or not we all know Christopher likes to put them paws on women (a la Stacy Dash), so he could not have grabbed my arm either without me swinging on him. Brandon did not need to go quite as hard, but it is nice to see him defend his friend despite her many wrongs. That is a true friend right there. Cynthia was super shady boots for her role in the Kandi and Peter mess that I’m sure will explode with the next episode. I don’t believe Kandi meant anything untoward with her initial comment about Peter and his past. She was using it as an example of what was done to Todd by Natalie and Cynthia to illustrate it back to her that you should let the past be the past. As for Kandi calling him on his lie sometimes you need to call a spade a spade. You ain’t got to lie Craig!!! Bravo is wrong for making us wait two weeks to see how this ratchetness ends after they sucked us into it!!!

    • Carameldrop34
      January 28, 2014

      Nene is totally disgusting and is very distasteful. She has used the little influence she has in the most negative way. Just because you can bring people on the show for a job doesn’t mean they have to be dogged out. Nene you are worst than an employee having to have sex or demoralize themselves just to have a job. Nene the level of respect for you has totally declined because you are being very mean to people. You are very ruthless and hope you understand that you are burning so many bridges, you know where you have been but you don’t know where you are going. Why be so dirty when you can use that same influence to treat people with dignity and respect? I believe you are paving the way for a very grim and dark future for you. I believe you were the one that said “You can’t win when your dirty” is what you told Phaedra. Please apply that to yourself.

    • JRoc85
      January 27, 2014

      Was NeNe drunk, high, off her medication, or all 3 last night???? Because last night was actually the first time I ever really noticed NeNe being a complete bitch for no reason (I’m usually Team NeNe)!!! Christopher Williams stood & addressed the room in general, I didn’t have a problem with that, however, when Kenya stood & walked over to Natalie & Christopher grabbed her arm, I think homeboy took it TOO FAR!!! I commend Brandon as well for doing what any decent man would do!!! Peter is gonna get his ass handled next week!!! Cynthia is a coward, & a “$hit starter” (never thought I would use those words to describe Cynthia, but I have to call it like I see it). Kandi & Todd vs Cynthia & Peter next week, let’s go!

    • Anonymous
      January 27, 2014

      Something was lost in editing. When NeNe confronted Kenya she yelled at her saying what did I tell yo ass. Who told you to get up. this episode was when scripted tv meets “reality” TV and it was all bad. Disappointed in Neane for letting herself be used in that manner.

    • Britane
      January 27, 2014

      First of all, all those questions have something to do with each of thei relationship and each one of them sat their asses done and answered them without any problems. So, why does it take Kenya ass to jump up when she is being questioned about what her big mouth. I don’t care what nobody say Nene didn’t start that fight. Grown ass people who should know better than to control their actions started that fight. I really don’t think her intentions was for anybody to get in a fight but to get everybody to start talking

    • Eric
      January 27, 2014

      Despite…everyone is an adult is an adult and should have self control. Yes nene was being a bitch but thats no different from what kenya does normally. Chris didn’t get up with the intention of starting a brawl nor did I see him grabbing her arm in a aggressive way. Kenya is well over old enough to know that you dont charge nobody in aggressive matter that she did and I dont care how much instigating took place! If you cant speak about issues like your suppose to then someone is hiding something all of them all about 40-50 years old shit aint high school fam

    • Ms. Ivy
      January 27, 2014

      Nene’s plan was to get some drama started & she got more than what she asked
      for!! She was drunk & extremely messy! With that said, i’m not mad at her for coming for Kendra! Did she have to be sooo damn rude with slamming of the door a name calling? No.But Kendra deserved that because of the way she was carrying on in Savannah abt the ladies being disrespectful by being so late & not having the courtesy to even call. So (this time) I dont think it was a “who does Nene think she is” moment. I thought i seen Apollo get up because Peter was having a hard time holding back Kendras friend. I think, he then took ot personal because of whatever Kendra & Apollo went through, so he hooked off on Apollo, & Apollo defended himself! The show wont be airing next week, so we have to wait Two Weeks to see the rest! Whoever it was that Kandi is going off one, better watch out, cuz the hood came up outta Kandi & she is NOT playing! I do believe her comment abt Peter was innocent tho. She wasnt throwing shade, taking a dig or saying anything disrespectful. She was just saying that all men dont bring their past into their new relationship,& Peter is an example. Cynthia nor Peter shouldn’t have been offended, my opinion.

    • Tanya
      January 27, 2014

      Yes Nene started that shit, but she was gonna start something anyway with these couples listen to the questions asked she could have gotten ? from The Newlywed Game to have fun, she had ? that was spark something with one or more couples!


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