My Thoughts On Kandi’s Baby Daddy Drama

A new storyline has taken place on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta with Kandi Burruss. This storyline is Kandi’s daughter’s father Block. Last week on the show, we saw the girlfriend of Block, Kris Kelli popped up unannounced at The Kandi Factory surprising Kandi and her friends. 

Kris Kelli is not only a girlfriend to Block, she is an artist on his record label. It seems like everybody has a record label these days. Anyway, back to this story. Kris wanted to talk to Kandi about Block being involved in their daughter Riley’s life. Kandi explained that she has never kept Block away from Riley, Block pops up disappear every couple years. Block running in and out of their daughter’s life has Riley to the point where she simply doesn’t care about having a relationship him. You know its bad when your own child doesn’t care to get know you.

Block is a few pavements shorts of a block. If he really wanted to start over with his daughter Riley, he would not have sent his artist girlfriend Kris to speak with Kandi about bonding with Riley. He should have first apologized to Kandi IN PERSON for not being there for their daughter and then take to baby steps on reintroducing himself to Riley and getting to know her. I don’t care what any girl says, they always want a father’s love. Its never too late to patch a broken father-daughter relationship. Block is a fool to go on television and lie to the world about calling and not receiving phone calls back. If that is the case, go to court and ask for visitation rights with  Riley.

What I love about Kandi is that she is mature enough not to block Block from seeing their daughter. As a mother its tough to see your child upset with their father for not doing things he is obligated to do. When my father didn’t show up, I always remember my mother telling me “The pain you feel now, if you ever have children never give them that pain”. That is something that always lives with me. So it makes my happy to see that Kandi doesn’t want to interfere with Riley seeing her father. Block needs to step his Fatherhood game all the way up. No one will never take his side because they are nothing but excuses!


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    • vokalz
      November 29, 2016

      Kevin,do you believe the rumour about Kandi being Block’s mistress while he was married, and that’s the reason he denied Riley?? If so, thought???


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