Janet Jackson Drops New Single “No Sleeep”

Yesssssss!!! The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here! Janet Jackson just released her first single in 5 years “No Sleeep”. “No Sleeep” is the first single off her unofficially titled new album #ConversationsInACafe. The single which is dedicated to “Her Love”, is a classic groovy Janet R&B tune that rivals “That The Way Love Goes”. Check out the new song right here.

Now I can’t lie, I thought Janet would release a dance tune to mark her return, but I am pleasantly surprised. I’m excited to hear this new album. Now all we need is an official album release date and title. Right now my #ConversationsInACafe is how Janet didn’t release a song to compete with the industry girls. This song is classic Janet as Janet would say. The vibe of this song is everything, down to the throwback thunder and rain sounds. “No Sleeep” will be released at midnight to buy. Now what is your #ConversationsInACafe about this new song?

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