Dear Hillary Clinton

It has been almost 6 months since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential Election. Hillary Clinton and her team can’t stop blaming other people and situations on her lost. Donald Trump won’t shut up about he won and Hillary won’t shut up about how she lost. Its time for both to put this situation to bed. It’s over with.

Hillary Clinton continues to blame Wikileaks, Vladimir Putin, and James Comey for her defeat. The first thing Hillary should do is blame herself for the loss. Did Hillary scour the country the same way Donald Trump did? NO. Donald went to areas of the United States where he was told he wouldn’t win and won. Yes, Hillary won the popular vote, but Hillary lost the electoral college. If you look at the Election College county map, its full of red.


There are many reasons why Hillary lost. Her trustworthiness and refusal to be open is also what gave Hillary the lost. Many black people also didn’t want to vote for her because of the 1994 crime bill. Also, let’s take a look at who her running mate was. Some say it doesn’t matter but it does. Tim Kaine has a good record but the most I learned about him is that he could speak Spanish and he never lost an election. Hillary should have picked Bernie Sanders as her running mate. He was the true yin to her yang. He could get her in line and Bernie had the millennials on his side. I do believe Wikileaks, Putin, and Comey, fake news, and Trump played apart in her losing, but its time to stop pointing the fingers at others and look directly in the mirror.

I really want Hillary to stop making herself look bad talking about the election. She refuses to blame herself and is now a sore loser.

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