Beyonce Performs Drunk In Love At The 2014 Grammy Awards

Beyonce opened up the 2014 Grammy Awards with her new single, Drunk In Love. I was a little nervous on Twitter about her performing thissong because of how sexual the song is. Beyonce threw all that out and went for with this performance wearing a sexy black see-through outfit. Seeing Beyonce and Jay-Z together was special but this performance lagged on. Check out this performance!

Beyonce left a lot to be desired with this performance. We all wanted more. Drunk In Love is not a song that should beperformed by itself. Some people including my co-host Makael thinks she should have performed Partition. However, I think that Flawless would have been a better choice after Jay-Z performed his rap after Drunk In Love.

What do you think of Beyonce’s performance?

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    • NATALYA (@NatalyaClooney)
      January 27, 2014

      I heard that there were issues with some water that was suppose to have fallen on her in the chair. So that could be why she was upset.

    • Sasha Wells
      January 27, 2014

      I think she should have started with a little piece of flawless just to get the crowd going then the chorus to partition and ended with Jay Z part of drunk on love. While that would have been perfect. There would be nothing left to see on the other award shows. I do feel bad she looks so upset after that perfomance. But the performance was alright just not her best, still better than most people. She definitely going to go off on next award show. P.s love yall kevin and makael.


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