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If you are not a fan of Kelis’ artistry, I don’t think this is the first album you should listen to by her. I would recommend “Tasty” or “Kelis Was Here”. You can tell Kelis was not pressured to have a number one song or number one album. She expressed her personal experiences on this album and I must say I love it. I didn’t think I would enjoy this album when I sampled the tracks. When I played the album on first listen, I found myself repeating the songs before I finished the album. No “Food” isn’t a album for the masses in today’s music game but its a solid fucking album.

After almost 4 years of waiting on a new album, Kelis released her 6th album “Food”. The album was released on April 22nd via Ninja Tune, which is a independent record label. On this album Kelis explores funk, dance, and soul. If you are fan of Kelis, you know that you can’t categorize her sound. Her music simply takes on your journey of all different tunes giving your ears 45 minutes of enjoyment. 

Food starts of with the track “Breakfast”. Kelis’ son Knight asks are you hungry because his made my mom made food. The ooh’s and ahh’s starts and Kelis begins singing her thank you’s to a person who been more than a man and a friend to her. She sings this over bass, drums, tambourines. This is a great opener to the album. Of course the ooh’s and ahh’s cues again as the song ends. Next is the song “Jerk Ribs”. This song right here gives me a summertime vibe. Its just your friends, great drinks, music, and food. At least that is what I imagine when I listen to it. I find myself falling in love with the horns on this song. The title “Jerk Ribs” is never mentioned and I don’t even care about the lyrics. I just love this track. “Forever Be” is a song that has me wondering is she singing about telling someone how she feels about them even though they can’t be lovers. Hmmm. I’ll get back to y’all on that but I love the strings on the track. One of my favorite is “Floyd”.  It gives you the old-school soul feel which is very rare in todays era of music. The chorus on this track, “I want to be blown away, blow me away. I want to be blown away” will capture you on this soul session. “Runnin” keeps the old-school soul session going. I can’t really hear the lyrics but i love the soul in the track.

Kelis comes through with the next track “Hooch”. Baby, get into how silky smooths she sings over this track. The song could have been a title track to a 70’s movie. I found my captured by the horns again! They better blow lol. On “Cobbler” Kelis speeds the album back up. The song has a tribal feel to it. The whistle Kelis hits is something I never heard her do before. I was shocked!!!! I want to see a video for this. “Bless The Telephone” is a cover song. Let’s put this way, it will make you want to call someone who you haven’t talked to in a while. On “Friday Fish Fry” get ready to go on a rock soul journey and you better have a funky good time.  Kelis sings about how people don’t “Change” who they are. She sings “You can’t escape the grips of desire.” This is one song that definitely stands out.  The second single “Rumble” is about a troubled relationship where Kelis is torn between staying or going. However, she sings “I’m so glad you back my keys” ending the relationship. I wonder who that could be about. Hmmmmm. No the next song has nothing to with “Biscuits N Gravy”, however, I freaking love this piano driven song followed by the horns changing the pace of the song. She exclaims by morning, she’ll be a brand new. “Dreamer” is the bow out song on “Food”. Its a beautiful song which could be another soundtrack song.

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